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Dietary Do's and Don'ts if you have Candida


  • Sugar - Candida loves sugar, it must be avoided at all costs. This includes all fruits, except the ones low sugar like: strawberries, cherries and papayas which can be eaten in strict moderation.

  • Food to be avoided - wheat, rye, milk, cheese, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, potatoes, honey, mushrooms, vinegar, soy sauce and mayonnaise. All the foods listed above promote yeast growth or can aggravate already present yeast colonies. Its also advisable to avoid the starchier vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips, and winter squashes.

  • A low carbohydrate diet is recommend as carbohydrates, even complex ones, eventually break down to glucose (sugar) in the digestive tract, and sugar feeds candida.

Due to the restrictions, you may be wondering "What the hell am I supposed to eat"?

  • Food that can be consumed - fish, poultry, meat, all vegetables, eggs, seeds, all nuts except cashews and peanuts and herb teas. Breads can be eaten if made from kamut, millet, or spelt and consider eating corn tortillas.

  • Foods that can be consumed in moderation - beans, brown rice, lentils, goat milk, corn, amaranth, kamut, quinoa, buckwheat, oats and spelt


As your symptoms disappear, you can cautiously add back the forbidden foods, one at a time and slowly. Do not eat any refined sugars for at least 6 months after your recovery.


Having candidiasis once predisposes one to getting it again so be very careful after you are well.


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