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The Female Condom


The female condom (also known as the femidom) is a rubber sheath 6.5 inches long that is designed to be inside of the female body. It is inserted in a woman’s vagina as a protective measure against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Contrary to the male condom, the female condom must be inserted 8 hours before sexual encounter.  The femidom is a barrier method that blocks sperm from fertilizing the woman’s egg and is said to be 95% effective if used correctly.

How to use a female condom

  • Before inserting the female condom, it is important to check if the package is not damaged and that the expiry date has not passed.
  • Find a comfortable position to insert the condom, it can be lying down or with one foot on the toilet seat.
  • After opening the condom you will notice two rings at each end of the condom; the inner ring which is used for insertion and outer ring which should remain on the outside of body, covering the area of the vaginal opening.
  • While holding the inner ring between finger and thumb, place the closed end of the condom (inner ring) into the vagina.
  • Push the condom as far into the vagina as possible using two fingers. The outer ring should always remain lying against the outside of the vagina.
  • When the penis goes into the vagina, make sure that it goes into the outer ring and does not push the condom inside the vagina.
  • When sex is over, carefully twist the condom and pull the outer ring to remove it. Make sure no sperm enters the vagina.




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