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Oral Contraceptive VS Candida


Did you know, the birth control pills can predispose you to the “dreaded itch”… and make current candida outbreaks more difficult to treat?

Taking the birth control pills makes you 20% more likely to develop a Candida Overgrowth than when not taking the pill. Ever wondered why?  The main reason is because the birth control pill has an impact on hormones found in the body and brings on or diminishes certain hormonal changes. In the long run, that which keeps one “almost” safe from falling pregnant does not however allow the body to regulate or keep in check the level of Candida “yeast” growth.

It has also been found that Candida or Yeast cells contain hormone, “estrogen” cells which get stimulated by the estrogen found in the birth control pill triggering these to increase the growth of Candida.


Be sure to use both an internal as well as external ointment when treating Candida such as both the CandiBella Tablets and Ointment to give your body the best fighting chance against yeast overgrowth.









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