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Causes of Candida (Yeast Infection)

There are many factors that can cause Candida. These include:

  • Antibiotics: Antibiotics are not selective in the bacteria that they destroy and as a result, both harmful as well as good bacteria are targeted. When good bacteria are destroyed it allows Candida to start to multiply within the body.

  • IUD’s (Intrauterine devices) or pills that are used as birth control methods

  • Parasitic organisms and worms in the intestine

  • Excessive stress causes a knock to the immune system. During high stress periods, levels of Candida cannot be controlled effectively.
  • An immune deficiency condition such as AIDS
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Constipation
  • The excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol

    Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid)

The Immune System

The immune system is made up of various components:

  • B-lymphocytes: responsible for producing proteins called immunoglobulin’s which bind antigenic substances and render them harmless. The body recognizes an antigen as being foreign and therefore harmful. The immunoglobulin is a kind of protein that coats the antigen. The antigens are therefore made harmless and can be digested by other cells.

  • T-lymphocytes exist in three different types:

    1. The first type is killer cells that attack and destroy substances with enzymes and hormones.
    2. The second type is the helper cells. These work by helping B cells to make immunoglobulin's.
    3. The third type is suppressor cells that protect the body from the excesses of the body’s defense system.

Nutrition plays a role in influencing T-cell efficiency. The suppressor cells are mainly responsible for fighting candida. This, to some extent is due to the adaptability of Candida and allows it to produce disguising antigens that deter the immune system from recognizing candida as foreign and harmful. The immune system therefore starts to become unresponsive to the presence of Candida Albicans. The Candida is then left to flourish and circulate without any opposition and as a result, will begin to grow in a variety of tissues either as yeast or as a mycelial fungus. The tolerance that is created in the immune system towards candida can only be reversed by stopping the exposure of the body to yeast antigens and toxins.


When yeasts are alive they can invade the immune system. When they are destroyed, proteins which make up the yeast cell wall are absorbed through the lining of the intestine. This process can result in a heightened allergy reaction. This process is known as “Die off” or the “Herxheimer reaction”. It is seen as a good response to treatment.


The effects of Candida toxins are caused by the production of ‘free radicals’. These are molecules that can cause damage to cell membranes and impair their functioning. It has even been proposed that increased sensitivity to mercury amalgam fillings can develop as a result of prior damage from Candida toxins.


Women seem to be more susceptible to the Candida Syndrome. This may be due to its ability to upset the female hormone balance. Candida may have the ability to bind to adrenal steroids; the result of which is adrenal insufficiency. Candida Syndrome may also be associated with ovarian and thyroid disorders.


Other conditions associated with Candidiasis are auto-immune conditions. Thyroiditis is the most commonly associated condition of Candida along with the impairment of the immune system. Another condition commonly included is rheumatoid arthritis.


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