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Diagnosis of Candida


Candida or a yeast infection is classed as an “opportunistic organism” which peacefully coexists within many people. When circumstances lead to the excessive growth of candida in the body (deficient immune systems, antibiotic, or during times when our body is out of balance), one can develop a myriad of symptoms and even chronic illness.

Diagnosing Candida is not a simple matter. Candida levels in the body are assessed via a blood or stool test which is sent to specialized laboratories. These tests cannot however tell how tolerant one is to Candida and its by-products. This inability to establish ones tolerance levels is due to the content of the stool being significantly different from the content found higher up the gastrointestinal tract; as such this type of diagnostic test may not be an accurate reflection.


A person’s constitution can also play a huge part in their tolerance levels towards candida and as such different people may experience many different tolerance levels. A person with a strong constitution may be capable of hosting a large population of the Candida fungus with minimal symptoms, while a person with a poor constitution may suffer greatly from a mild overgrowth of Candida.


Candida or a yeast infection almost always accompanies intestinal, immune, degenerative, hormonal or toxicity related illnesses making full recovery challenging or even impossible. Reducing one's level of Candida will aid in the healing process by removing the brutal impact that Candida Yeast or a fungal infection has on one’s body and also help reduce the strain on the body caused by their toxic by-products.


Because it is very difficult to treat candida effectively – it may take a combination of natural remedies as well as dieting (candida diet) over a long period to fully rid your body of this resilient organism.

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Candida Treatment (Tables)  
For the treatment of candida, and yeast infections (Oral Remedy).
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For the treatment of candida, and yeast infections (Oral Remedy).
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