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Supplements to help get rid of Candida


  1. Calcium- 300mg twice a day. Once healed reduce intake to daily.

  2. Magnesium- 300mg twice a day. Once healed take 350-450mg daily.

  3. Vitamins A, D, and Omega 3 Fatty Acid- Cod liver oil liquid or capsules contains Omega 3. 20,000-30,000 IU of Vitamin A should be taken as well as 800-1,200 IU of Vitamin D. Omega 3 can be supplemented with 2,000-3,000mg. the same amount of each can be taken daily even after healing has occurred.

  4. Vitamin B complex- it is recommended to take 50mg tablets or capsules twice a day, plus 50mg Niacin (B3) if needed. When healed the same amount can be taken.

  5. Vitamin C- tablets or capsules and/or ascorbic acid powder or crystals taken in water with meals. To treat constipation or to alleviate other kinds of symptoms, extra vitamin C can be taken for short periods of time. 4,000mg of vitamin C can be taken in total. Should be taken in divided doses and should start off with small amounts and slowly increase the dose to avoid getting loose stools. Once healed 2,000-4,000mg can be taken daily.

  6. Vitamin E- 200 IU should be taken twice daily or 400IU once a day. Once healed the same dose can be taken.

  7. Trace minerals and Sodium plus Chloride- A ‘quality’ ocean sea salt can be taken. 1.5 teaspoons can be spread throughout the day. Once healed, 1 teaspoon is needed.

  8. Coconut Oil- this oil should be virgin or extra virgin, unrefined, undeodorized, unbleached, non-hydrogenated and cold- pressed. The therapeutic dose is 5.5 tablespoons per day. It is recommended to start with small amounts in divided doses in order to minimize healing reactions. Once healed take 3.5 tablespoons as a maintenance dose.

  9. Butter Oil and Ghee- this is optional but is can be helpful, adults should take 1 teaspoon 3 times daily with meals. Ghee can be consumed in unlimited amounts.

  10. Digestive Aids- betaine hydrochloric acid and/ or unpasteurized sauerkraut.

It is also important to exercise. Walking helps to move the bowels and promotes a healthy digestive system. Healthy body system functions are boosted by as little as 20 minutes of walking daily.


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Candida Treatment (Tables)  
For the treatment of candida, and yeast infections (Oral Remedy).
200 Tablets


Candida Treatment (Ointment)  
For the treatment of candida, and yeast infections (Oral Remedy).
1 oz.







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