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Tips for Candida


  1. It is helpful to take Lactobacillus and Bifidus probiotic supplements daily. A protective lining over the digestive tract is formed by these good bacteria that keep yeast colonies from forming. Probiotics capsules can also be inserted into the vagina before going to bed every second evening for about two weeks.

  2. Caprylic acid can be taken daily with meals. A dose of 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams. This is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in the body and is an effective antifungal treatment for candida.

  3. As stated in nutrition, avoid sugar, honey, maple syrup and fruit juices. Thrush may also be aggravated by chewing gum that is flavored with xylitol. Try and avoid antibiotics, steroids and birth control pills unless absolutely necessary.

  4. Before using over-the-counter vaginal miconazole products be sure to consult a doctor if you are taking the prescription blood-thinner warfarin(Coumadin). Bleeding as well bruising can occur when using warfarin and vaginal miconazole together.

  5. In normal circumstances a healthy individual that consumes a high level of sugar will experience little effect on the growth of yeast. When the balance of yeast is disrupted combined with the disruption in the balance of naturally occurring bacteria yeast overgrowth does become a problem. Naturally occurring bacteria can be affected by antibiotics as well as injury to the immune system.

  6. It is relatively common to have yeast overgrowth in the mucus membranes lining the gastrointestinal tract, throat, urethra and vagina. It is rare to find candidiasis of the blood and inner organs. The effects of candida on the endocrine, immune and nervous systems are caused by changes in absorption of nutrients rather than by the candida itself.

  7. Oral thrush that develops in a breast-fed baby or a thrush infection of the nipples of a nursing mother warrants treatment of both the mother and baby, even if only one of them seems to be affected.

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