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Ingredients in CandiBella (Ointment)


When applied to the affected areas, the ingredients found in the CandiBella Ointment provide relief in the following ways:


Sepia 6C


Sepia assists in treating:

  • Irritation and heat of the vulva with accompanying dryness
  • Labial inflammation and swelling
  • Inflammation and swelling of male genitalia
  • Pains experienced in the genital areas
  • Frequent and uncontrolled need to Itching the vaginal area and vulva
  • Irritation and cracking of the nipples


Calendula 6C


Calendula assists in treating:

  • Burning urine which may be hot and irritate the delicate vaginal tissues



Kreosotum 6C

Kreosotum applied to the affected areas helps to:

  • Alleviating genital burning, itching and pain in females and males
  • Pains (shooting pains) and or cramps in the genitalia
  • Pain and discomfort felt after intercourse
  • Inflammation and swelling of the genital areas

Mercurius Solubis 6C

Mercurius Solubilis assists in the treating:

  • Inflammation of delicate vaginal tissue including the external area of the urethra
  • Severe itching of labia an surrounding genitalia
  • Annoyed tissue of the breasts
  • Inflammation of the testes in males

Pulsitilla 6C

Pulsatilla helps relieve:

  • Excessive itching of the genitalia in both sexes
  • Irritation of the female breasts


Tarentula Hispanica 6C


Tarentula hispanica treats Yeast Infections by treating:

  • Uterine pains with irregular amounts of vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal discharge which may contain blood
  • Ejection of blood from the uterus
  • Shooting pains in the vagina

Candida Albicans 6C

Candida Albicans is also found in the CandiBella Ointment to help in the treatment of Candida.


Inactive Ingredients Include:


Lanolin, Petrolatum and Tee tree oil






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