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BellaWars Products

  CandiBella Tablet - for the treatment of Canadia and thrush in the genital areas.   CandiBella Ointment - for the treatment of itching caused by Canadia and thrush in the genital areas.  
  Herpes/Cold Sore Ointment- for the treatment Oral and genital herpes.   Bella Stretch Free Tablets- for the treatment of Stretch Marks.  
  Bella EndoMet- for the treatment of Endinetruisus   OriCalc Tablets- helps the body increases its ability to absorb calcium.  
  OriEasy Sleep Tablets- helps with sleep disorders      


CandiBella (Tablets)

For the treatment of:

  • Itching and burning in the genital area
  • White, curd-like genital discharge
  • Painful Urination
  • Pain experienced during intercourse due to tender cervix linings
  • Anxiety and irritation due to the constant need to itch the affected area
  • Inflammation of the vaginal tissue
  • Candidiasis
    Learn more>>

CandiBella (Ointment)

For the treatment of:

  • Violent stitching pains that move upward in the vagina
  • Pain experienced in vagina during intercourse
  • Itching within the vulva and between the labia and thighs
  • Burning and swelling of the labia

CandiBella Ointment helps restores balance to the body and helps to fight off a Candida Infection by assisting antibodies within the body. Learn more>>


Herpes Outbreaks (Ointment)

For the treatment of:

  • Treats and clear-up symptoms of HSV-1 (Oral Herpes) and HSV-2 (Genital herpes)
  • Outbreaks - in the facial and genital region
  • Itching and pain in the affected areas
  • Swelling and inflammation around the infected area
  • Pain during sexual activities

SuperH has no know side effects and is made from natural ingredients. Learn more>>

BellaStretch Free (Tablets)

For the treatment of:

  • Improves the overall skin condition
  • Increases skin's elasticity
  • Helps strengthen the connective tissues
  • Alleviates stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight loss
  • Helps prevents swelling during pregnancy due to water buildup and retention.

BellaStretch Free assists the body in repairing the dermis and helps improve elasticity ensuring a healthy more malleable skin. Learn more>>

Bella EndoMet (Tablets)

For the treatment of:

  • Excess pain and discomfort prior and during menstration
  • PMS and irregular menstrual symptoms
  • Poor reproductive health
  • Irregular endometrial linings
  • Lower back pains and pains in the pelvis
  • Fatigue and headachesbefore or after menstrual periods

Bella EndoMet treatment is an ideal solution for the treatment of Endometriosis whilst promoting and enhancing female reproductive health thereby improving ones chances of conception. Learn more>>

OriCalc (Tablets)

For the treatment of:

  • Fatigue
  • Brittle bones
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sensations of pins and needles
  • Calcium deficiencies associated with pregnancy
  • Sprain, fractures and breaks that take long to heal
  • Minor bone pain associated with old age or injury

OriCalc works by increasing the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Learn more>>


OriEasy Sleep (Tablets)

For the treatment of:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Anxiety, nervous disorders and depression caused by tiredness
  • Waking up in the morning still feeling tired
  • Waking up frequently during the night
  • Once your sleep is broken you cannot fall back to sleep

OriEasy Sleep calms the nervous system down which in turn reduces anxiety and stress so that sleep can occur naturally and the correct sleeping pattern can be restored. Learn more>>






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