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BellaStretch Free (Tablets)


200 tablets


I lost almost 24 pounds since the birth of my child but my body was inidated with stretch marks. I was shocked to see that your product came in pills and not cream. After just 3 weeks my marks are much lighter and my skin is looking more healthy. Thank you for allowing me to get back in to a bikini. Have a great day.

Rachael (CA)

Ingredients in
BellaStretch Free

The BellaStretch Free tablets have been formulated to treat stretch marks caused by rapid growth, movement and stretching of the skin.

This formula is manufactured from natural ingredients that helps regenerate skin, connective tissue and strengthen the tissues resulting in fewer stretch marks.

As it's made from natural ingredients it has no known side-effects and can be used by people of all ages.


BellaStretch Free can assist in the following ways:

  1. Improves the overall skin condition
  2. Improves skin's elasticity
  3. Helps strengthen the tissues
  4. Alleviates stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight loss
  5. Helps prevents swelling during pregnancy due to water buildup and retention.

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 BellaStretch Free (tablets)
1 bottle: $30.00  
2 bottles: $50.00  

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BellaStretch Free combines trusted homeopathic and mineral treatments to help maintain one's skin in top condition, by improving the elasticity and flexibility of connective tissue throughout the body and helps speed up the healing process.

During stretching or growing of the skin the inner layer (dermis) gets damaged. Healing to this damage skin results in stretch marks.

BellaStretch Free assists the body in repairing the dermis and improving elasticity ensuring a healthy more malleable skin.





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