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These are real testimonials, however please note that individual healing and recovery depends on overall heal and how long you have had the condition.  
I think my candida origionalte from constant antibiotic usage… one tablet in particular, fagil which was prescribed so it was safe to to say the my good bacteria had been killed off. I used over the counter meds that only worked whilst I was on them, did the cream numerous times over which I must say is trying even for the most dedicated individuals I even did the candida diet which I must say, helped sumwhat but the end results always were the same… the candid returned. I looked up on the internet and came across your website. After reading up on your products and seeing the testimonials I decided to try anything other than more antifungals and creams. I was doubtful at first, ive had the condition for so long so I think that was undersandalbe. I gave your Candibella tablets and the Candibella ointment a try. So far I am inpressed with the outcome, my discharge (sorry for the graphics) has remarkable reduces, is more liquid and doesn't burn any more, my itching is hardly there even through it feels as if im constantly waiting for it to reappear (I thinks maybe its because I had the condition for son long)! Thank you as well to all th BellaWars team who were very profession and answered all my questions and concerns. These products have turned my life around and I strongly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again.

Betty Gulley (South Dakota USA)
I have been suffering with candida for a long time and tired it all, the tablets, internals, diet etc. it just kept coming back. In the end the drugs my doctor were prescribing made me feel worse so when I came across this website decided to give it a go. in less than 10 days all my symptoms were gone with both the tablets and cream!!! Money well spent which my doctor cant believe.... My greatest thanks.

Yvonne Massey (Missouri USA)

I came across your website early December 2011 and bought the Candibella tablets together with the Super-H ointment. At that time the main problem was herpes, which had been plaguing me for the past nine years. I also suffered from recurring yeast infections and a weakend immune system. Once I started using these products I didn't feel so nervous anymore and I also realized that I had more energy than I did before. My appetite improved, the yeast infection has not reoccurred and my herpes outbreaks are minimal to no-existent. I have my life back and its all thanks to Bellawars!!! Simone OT, (CA)

I am a 64 year old lady who has struggled with systemic candida and genital herpes for more than 30 years. Being and avid traveller, I have been exposed to many pathogens. I have taken many medicines including creams, tablets, cleanses, detox regimes and dieting with varying outcomes, even tried the yoghurt douching... When I started using your Candibella tablets and the antiherpes ointment I was impressed to know that this is completely safe and natural. I am very impressed with these products and will not be using any of that other "junk" anymore. Impressed.

Tia Sanderson (Texas)


Once I found out that irritable bowl syndrome can be caused by candida I knew that this was the reason why my symtoms could never be cured. I was chatting to one of my girlfriends about it and she recommended that I try your product. I took her advice and started using the tablets immediately. Within 2 weeks I felt better than I ever have and am only improving. Thank you Bellawars for an amazing life changing product.

Andrea Conner (Wyoming)

I latterly jumped to order your product when I say your website because I just couldn't rid myself of Candia with good periods (which made me feel like id gotten rid of the yeast) with terribly periods just after. The condition started as a result of my two pregnancies and my unhealthy lifestyle, I don't think constantly being on the contraceptive pill inbetween helped mucu either. My immune system was experiencing a complete meltdown resulting from the overuse of antibiotics, internal creams and steroids. I used the Candibella tabs and my symptoms slowly decreased and eventually went away completely. My intestinal flora is now balanced and I can carry one living again! I am "paying it forward" and suggesting it to all my friends. An amazing product! Thanks

Drew Fitch (NY, USA)

The Candibella ointment has saved my life and my marriage from chronic vaginal yeast infections. For the first time in 10 years I am free of these candida infections! Thanks a mil,

Jackie Nelson (CA)

I have been using your candida ointment for almost 30 days and I have no more itching or even burning and pain. Nothing! I've had Candida for many years but that's all gone now. I feel great. I tell all my friends about your products and tell them to hang in there as there is help out there!


Kate Howell (UK)


Your website is very attractive, easy to navigate and find the information that is important! I will definitely be ordering!

Michelle Ferguson (AU)


I just purchased your products and must commend you on a beautiful website and easy safe ordering process. Looking forward to receiving my products soon!


Jeanne Hart (Calgary CA)


Thanks for the speedy delivery, I just received your products! Looking forward to using them, have heard much about your products.


Susan Jones (UK)


I came across your website after doing research for an asignment on candida. Your site also features a herpes ointment that I purchased and have been using for the outbreaks that embarrassingly appear on my lips and mouth for no apparent reasons. I am a student and am often stressed about stuff so understand that doesn't help my herpes. I now use the ointment like lip balm so it even prevents blisters from occurring. Just wanted to thank your company.


Lisa Melville (UK)

Your superh ointment is fantastic! I been suffering with herpes for one year + now and this is the only product that significantly reduced the symptom. Thank you






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